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Behave is a mobile app designed to engage your kids by rewarding them for good behavior and coaching them to correct bad behavior.

If you are the parent this is the app that you install. Your kids will install our Behave Buddy app and everything magically works together.

Behave is designed to be extremely simple and easy to use, while being an effective tool to shape your child's behavior.

Let's face it. Children are using devices. Period. As parents we need to embrace it and start using those devices to our advantage.

We've taken years of child psychology studies and crafted an app to help motivate your children to exhibit good behavior.

How? By motivating them to use good behavior and holding them accountable when their behavior is bad.

It's this simple. When your child is misbehaving, tap on the red sad face and let us know what their misbehavior was. The behave app is constantly analyzing your child's behavior and will coach them on the areas that need improvement.

As the parent you control whether your child earns good behavior points or has points taken away for bad behavior.

What are behavior points you ask? Behavior points are what your kids earn to spend on NON MONETARY rewards like (1 on 1 time with mom or dad, staying up past their bedtime, extra internet time, extra video game time, a chore free day) you get the gist.

We've asked thousands of parents for the top reasons their kids get in trouble and the top behavior traits they would like to see improved. We narrowed down to the top 10 in an effort to keep this app very lightweight and easy to use. We can't do everything for you. You still have to be a real parent ;)

Our testing panels have shown significant improvement in kids behavior that use our app. We can't wait to hear stories from you on how behave has impacted your family.

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