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Dynamic Plates is an educational interactive app that lets you observe and understand the internal dynamics of the Earth. In Dynamic Plates, you’ll find 7 wonderful interactive animations:
- Divergent Boundaries.
- Transform Boundaries.
- Convergent Boundaries - Continental Crust vs. Oceanic Crust.
- Convergent Boundaries - Oceanic Crust vs. Oceanic Crust.
- Convergent Boundaries - Continental Crust vs. Continental Crust.
- Hot Spots.
- Global Model.

Drag the plates and… see what happens! You will be able to recreate what nature performs over millions of years, observing (and listening) the forms and phenomena produced by plate tectonics:
- Volcanic eruptions, Hawaiian, Strombolian, Fissure, Plinian.
- Earthquakes, with their effects.
- Tsunamis, seen in plan and section.
- Creation of volcanic island arcs.
- Orogeny (formation of mountain ranges).
- Opening of rift valley and ocean.
- Lateral sliding faults.
- Hot Spots.

In Dynamic Plates, you may also find:
- A rich and stunning photogallery with detailed explanations.
- Geolocation of the places and described events.
- The explanation of interactive animations.
- The history of the plate tectonics Theory.
- Original drawings and thematic maps.
- Interactive test for evaluating knowledges.
- Sharing results on facebook.

Languages ??included:
- English.
- Italian.
- German.
- French.

Dynamic Plates addresses the arguments with a scientific, accessible but accurate language, designed for high school students (aged 13 years and over) and for geoscience lovers.

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