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Once upon a time, far out in the countryside, there was a farm full of happy animals enjoying the delicious green grass and the fresh gurgling spring water. It was a life full of joy and cheerfulness where the rabbits, pigs, hens, and sheep lived peacefully together. But one day dark clouds gathered over the farm, the joyful and happy times were over, and the farm was under attack by a bunch of evil creatures: There was the stupid, but always hungry fox, the smart but fiery tempered wolf, the selfish and evil snake, and last but not least the cunning and sly vulture. Only you, the brave but rather grumpy looking dog Baltazar can help the animals escape from their certain death. To do this you have your slingshot and two mole helpers – so what are you waiting for..? Rescue the animals!

Join the fun in this brand new game with more than 100 challenging levels. Everyone will love Animal Rescue, kids as well as grown-ups.

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