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? Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2014 - Creative Lifestyle Category 'Certificate of Merits'

'Advance look around the house to buy a smartphone'

'A New Way to View Spaces'

Fusion VR (Registered Trademark No. 41-0285954) is a virtual reality solution that provides an enhanced freedom of movement through the fused virtual reality implementation method of which Arcinteractive has a patent(No. 10-1212231).

Arcinteractive develops CGs, videos, and applications for virtual reality in one’s home.

Features of Fusion VR

• 360° surround view
• You can view lifelike spaces by tapping the hot spot of a space or by selecting a space in the menu.
• It provides realistic movements of doors and furniture.
• It can model indoor and outdoor spaces.
• It can model even the most complex construction plan.
• It gives customized dynamic effects, such as changing colors or lights.
• You can change the viewpoint by tapping the gyroscope button and moving your device.
• Any UI style can be customized according to your specifications.

You can model any indoor or outdoor architectural plan regardless of size.

Please, contact arc@arcinteractive.co.kr for project details.

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