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An 8-bit style, side scrolling action game with chiptune music and over-the-top on-screen mayhem!

Pilot a jet fighter and shoot down enemy aircraft, take out deadly convoys, rescue agents and destroy enemy buildings. The game takes place during various times (morning, day and night missions) and features an awesome 8bit-style chiptune soundtrack.

Fans of the the old C64/Spectrum/NES/Master Sytem era from the late 80's will appreciate the overall look and feel of this game.


1) Bomb inertia physics and linear vertical joystick thrust are disabled by default. They can be enabled via the options screen.

2) Particle levels are set to 4/10 (40%) by default. If you have a powerful device then feel free to increase this number or even max it out if you like. If you have a weak device and the gameplay feels too sluggish during on-screen explosions then try turning down the particles a little and see if that helps.

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5 years

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