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**Now available on iPhone and iPad!**

Challenge your friends and enemies around the world to this thousand year old board game, re-imagined for your smart phones and tablets. Play an entire game in one sitting or make moves at your own leisure. Watch full replays of your completed matches to hone your skills, and take part in Chess Chap's robust competitive ranking system.

★ Completely ad free!

★ Allows cross-platform play between iOS and Android devices!

★ Play multiple chess games against friends or strangers online. Play an entire game in real time or at your own pace.

★ Take advantage of (optional) push notifications for both Android and iOS devices that alert you when an opponent has made their move and the app is not currently open.

★ Keep track of the number of wins, losses and ties you tally throughout your playing career, as well as your record against individual opponents.

★ Make use a fully functional replay system that allows you to view the entirety of your completed games so you can learn from your mistakes.

★ Take part in a robust global ranking system, that featuring the ELO rating system used to rank real life professional chess players. Use it to match yourself with players of similar skill levels.

★ Earn experience towards unlocking rare icons for your user as you complete games. Over one hundred unique icons available!


Chess Chaps is a product of Aristobot, LCC.

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