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Cartoon Qaida for Kids in Urdu is an android app developed to provide easy learning of urdu qaida to learn Urdu alphabets and the words with them. This app provides you easy to use steps to learn all the Urdu letter and basic words. Audio of each letter and word with each urdu letter is also included. This Qaeda app will help your children to read, listen and recognize the Urdu letters and the popular words making with those letters.

There are also some games added to give more fun to users and full qaeda animation is also included, which are tic tac toe, number matching, letter matching with the words. If you want your kids to spend quality time learning with fun, kids cartoon qaida app is just for you. The colorful and bright display of this Kids Cartoon Qaida app makes it attractive for toddler and pre-school kids who are learning urdu alphabets.

User can play and repeat a chapter as he/she wishes. User can also learn to pronounce Arabic word by tapping on each alphabet separately.

Main Features of the app are:

- Complete Urdu alphabets (Huroof/Letters)
- Pronunciation of all urdu letters from Alif to Yay
- Different objects with name and pictures against each alphabet with audio
- Learn and recognize the shape of each Urdu alphabet
- Interesting games to give more fun to your kids and toddlers
- Audio of each letter and words from Alif to Yay
- Audio of each letter can be repeated
- Amazing colors to let your child use the app for long time
- Game to match different letters with words
- Game to play tick, toc, toe
- Full audio animation and video of Urdu Letters

With all the above features, your kids will never want to leave or exit the app.

Download the Cartoon Qaida for Kids in Urdu app and don’t forget to rate us 5 stars if you like the app.

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