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Everyday Math Facts Pracise Master for Homeschool

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Everyday Math - Arithmetic Practice with Multiplication and Division Tables for Family and Kids

Learn and practice Math Facts, Improve Speed and Impress your friends by doing everyday calculations at electrifying speed. Practice whenever you can - on the move, waiting in queues, sitting idle.....

The main focus is to provide a flexible app which can be used by all to improve their Math skills.

•Multiple Profiles.
•Progress Reports providing details of each and every question missed.
•Practice and Challenge Modes.
•Settings to customize app according to Individuals level
•Scratchpad to do the problem on screen only.
•Easy to use Interface.

No need to go through the tips and tricks you won’t need in daily life. Only the important tips and tricks are chosen. With tips to add, subtract, multiply faster and calculate 15% tip, you will be much at ease. Learn and practice these at your pace and lead towards perfection.

You will be astonished by the results of this app. Use this for yourself and your kids and enjoy.

This app has four sections –

1.Math Facts – Use this to master the basic math facts. Use Practice Mode to practice the facts and Challenge Mode to test. In Challenge Mode you have to do 5 questions in 30 seconds. Choose from ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION. You can choose one or all. Then choose the numbers which you want to master. Off you go.
2.Practice Time – Here again you have practice and challenge mode. Choose from ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION. Other Settings as the Number of questions and time for the challenge mode can be selected using settings button.
3.Improve Speed – Here you are given options to master skills required to improve speed while doing calculations. Choose the skill you want to master. You need to do 20 questions in 2 minutes.
4.Tips And Tricks – Carefully chosen tricks helpful in daily life calculations are given here. Choose the one you need most. Learn and practice at your ease.

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