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Researched working with eminent educational personalities & thru various books. This App covers the basic thinking skills Activities required by all the kids as their first Mental Maths.

Activities include applying concept of addition and subtraction and apply multiple number concepts at a time.

1.Missing Numbers – Find the missing numbers. Like 10-?=4 4+?=6

2.Balance the Apples – Child can calculate using fingers 6+5=11. But ask in a different manner – Which two numbers make 11. Here the child will solve problems like these.

3.Even Odd Numbers – This activity helps the child in applying more than one concept. The child has to find even/odd numbers greater than or less than a given number. Finding only even / odd numbers or greater than/less than numbers may not be a challenge but when asked together it becomes.

4.Combinations of Tens ( 10,20,30,40…)- Activity to make the child comfortable with these numbers.

5. Adding Three Numbers – A very important step for learning additions.

6.Times tables – Child can practice tables from 1-12.

7.Word Problems – Lots of word problems to stimulating critical thinking.

All these activities develop mathematical reasoning of child and help in going beyond finger counting. Though the task seems tough, as you can see in screenshots, all these are taught in a fun and engaging way.

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