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Candy Princess Beauty Makeover

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Are you looking for a sweetness overload? Then this game is absolutely perfect for you! You have the chance to create your very own Candy Princess. Sweetsie, Lolly and Choco are the cute characters of the game, that you’ll get to play with and transform into the most gorgeous ladies. You can to go through all the fun stages in order to style up the characters.

- three gorgeous princess characters
- colorful beauty session with facial treatments
- make up stage - you can apply and combine the makeup as you wish!
- huge variety of outfit combinations, lots of gorgeous gowns and sparkling accessories
- beautiful and high quality graphics
- photo booth with ten different backgrounds available and lots of fun stickers
- cute and colorful candy memo game
- delicious candy action game
- colorful, custom beauty care products
- save your gorgeous creation
- kids dedicated design
- playful, custom sounds
- fun animations

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Important for parents:
This App is free to install and play, none of its features are conditioned.
It will be installed with basic elements for each of the salons, so that the users can enjoy the game’s experience. For additional in-game items such as dresses, shoes and accessories in the Dress Up salon, may be purchased for real money.
For obtaining the full game, with no ads and with the complete package of additional in-game items and extra characters, go to the game’s Shop and select Unlock All and Remove Ads.
If you want to restrict this option, you can disable in-app purchases on your device.

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