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Enjoy Cinderella’s fairytale through a learning experience with your little one. This game helps toddlers learn about numbers, letters, shapes, developing the logic and improving the child's attention and memory, while having fun with a character they love. Cinderella will guide them through 10 educational mini-games with: differences, shapes, matching, numbers, puzzles, letters, memory, logic, attention and basic math.


- Graphics appealing to children and objects they will reconize from the story they already know
- Differences - Identify which item doesn’t belong to the string
- Shapes - put the fairytale object in the right form
- Matching - tap the two identical cards
- Numbers - count to 15 and draw the shape of the object
- Puzzle - match the pieces to recreate the image
- Letter - learn the alphabet letters by tapping the right one
- Memory - remember where are the two identical objects
- Logic - guess which fairytale object comes next
- Attention - sort the farytale objects in the right box
- Basic Math - give the correct answer
- After each level, the users will unlock a reward that will reveal the midnight fairytale scene

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