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Princess Cinderella Shoe Maker

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With this game you can let your creativity run free, and mix shapes and match patterns, in order to design the most precious shoe for a beautiful princess: Cinderella.You get the chance to use your fashion sense in a fun way, as your mission is to create the perfect royal shoe, step by step, with a lot of options for frames and colorful patterns.

- tons of shoe and heel shapes for every taste
- beautiful colors and patterns to choose from
- lots of sparkling accessories for the shoes
- kids dedicated designs
- cute and playful custom sounds
- fairytale inspired characters
- beautiful and high-quality graphics

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Important for parents:
This App is free to install and play.
You can remove the ads from the game with the available in-app purchase from the Shop, which will also give you more bonus items. This purchase will be made with real money.
If you want to restrict this option, you can disable in-app purchases on your device.

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