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Princess Fantasy Spa Salon

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A beautiful game with charming graphics, where three gorgeous princesses are the characters you’ll be able to take to colorful beauty salons. You’ll be introduced to a land of fantasy, with vibrant colors, where the character you’ll choose will receive your makeup and outfit selections, after beauty treatments and massages.
Note: play each session to unlock the following one.

- three beautiful princesses
- salons with custom care products
- styling session with a huge variety of gowns and fantasy accessories
- take pictures of your designs
- a daily reward system that can unlock random elements for you every 24 hours
- high quality graphics

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Important for parents:
This App is free to install and play.
You can remove the ads from the game with the available in-app purchase from the Shop. This purchase will be made with real money.
If you want to restrict this option, you can disable in-app purchases on your device.

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