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This is a makeover game that was specially created for those girls who like to imagine fantasy worlds. We present six beautiful mermaid princesses that the users can choose from and play with their favorite one in six the beauty salons available. They will begin with a colorful and relaxing spa and will finish with an Aqua Fashion session with amazing outfits for their mermaid.

- 6 amazing mermaid princesses
- beautiful hairstyles
- fantasy massage session
- underwater spa and bath
- fantasy makeup session
- ocean inspired jewelry
- a special dress-up session at the Aqua Fashion
- beautiful underwater backgrounds


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Important for parents:
This App is free to install and play, none of its features are conditioned.
It will be installed with basic elements for each of the salons, so that the users can enjoy the game’s experience. For more options and diversity, additional in-game items such as costumes, accessories and hairstyles may be purchased for real money.
For obtaining the full game, with No Ads and with the complete package of additional in-game items, go to the game’s Shop and select Unlock All Now and Remove Ads.
If you want to restrict this option, you can disable in-app purchases on your device.

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