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Sudoku Countdown is the most addictive game you will play this year!

This is Sudoku reinvented for maximum fun. Play against the clock, beat the countdown timer, trigger the bonus multiplier and build massive bonuses - then challenge your friends to beat your high scores. Its fast, its colourful and its fun!

Sudoku is a global phenomenon but up until now it has been a solitary game. We took the rock solid logic of Sudoku and combined it with the interactive fun that modern mobile devices deliver so well to create a brand new interactive gaming experience that is sure to delight!

Sudoku Countdown has many exciting modes and once you start to play you will be hooked.


Fall in love with Sudoku Countdown!

Sudoku has been popular for quite a few years now and has millions of fans around the world. It is a challenging and enjoyable puzzle that people never seem to tire of.

Sudoku has a simple elegant logic and the puzzles range from fun to very fiendish depending on your preference.

We have taken these beautifully crafted puzzles and added a new dimension – addictive game play!

In Sudoku Countdown the challenge is to repeatedly activate the countdown clock to build up a bonus multiplier to score big! It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s very very addictive.

The name of the game is to score BIG!

Watch the bonus multiplier – that is your key to a massive score!

Keep reactivating the countdown clock and the bonus multiplier will multiply every score in a winning run!

** Can you smash the 100,000 high score!

There is also an in game timer and you will be awarded stars depending on how quickly you finish the game!

So choose your level, beginner, fun or expert and start playing. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

Sudoku Countdown - game play and tactics

Every correct entry scores 100 points!

An incorrect entry loses 250 points!

Repeatedly activate the countdown timer to score big!

The bonus multiplier multiplies every score in a winning run!

You can build massive scores by entering a string of correct entries!

Use hints when you get stuck.

Use hints to prolong a winning run!

An incorrect entry can lose a massive multiplier!

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