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ATTENTION! Do not take the answers you will receive by using this app too seriously. They may be not 100% true. The answers lies in you. Practice and train fortune-telling regularly to develop your extrasensory perception.

Those who find a way to contact their subconsciousness acquire a powerful tool to use it to receive answers to their most vital questions. Pendulum reading is one of the most effective methods of divination.

Application features:
1. 10 templates on most popular subjects.
2. A timer to set up the duration of each session.
3. Two modes, standard and accelerometer.
4. Rotation of the chart of the fortune-telling sectors.
5. An opportunity to save, edit and delete questions for fortune-telling.
6. A possibility to save and delete the answers of subconsciousness.
7. A unique “Letters” template that prompts words.
8. 20 standard questions.

It is axiomatic that our subconsciousness knows everything about us. Those who find a way to contact it acquire a powerful tool to use the unconscious to receive answers to their most vital questions.

Pendulum reading is an ancient method of fortune-telling. It is simple, yet precise and effective. Pendulum fortune-telling is explained by science and used by psychologists and psychotherapists to receive signals from their patients’ subconsciousness. The way this contacting with the subconsciousness occurs is amazingly simple. To start a fortune-telling session, one has to relax and focus on the question (the question has to be properly framed first). By means of fine motor skills of the fortune teller, the subconsciousness chooses the right answer to the question and spins the pendulum over the right sectors.

The only difficulty is how to register the contact between the pendulum and the sectors, process and analyze the information to draw the right conclusions. This is when state-of-the-art technology and our application “Pendulum Reading” come in handy.

The principles used in the “Pendulum Reading” application are similar to those used in actual pendulum reading. Moreover, they are even more precise and convenient. To use a real pendulum, one has to stand still, while the “Pendulum Reading” application receives signals from the subconsciousness from the movements of the one spinning the pendulum in his/her mobile phone.

One has to prepare before telling fortunes by means of our application. These are some instructions:
1. Define your question for your subconsciousness and type it in the “My Questions” section.
2. Choose a chart template to be used in fortune-telling.
3. Study the sectors of the chart. Tapping on a sector, you will see an information window with answers and their description.
4. Define desired settings, such as a pendulum with a string or a rolling ball (the accelerometer mode), duration of your fortune-telling session; whether you want to rotate the wheel of the chart or not, the direction of the wheel rotation..
5. Relax and focus on the question.
6. By pushing the “Start” button, slowly set the pendulum spinning in a circle in any direction (with the standard mode on, simply roll your finger against the screen so that the pendulum spins in a circle over the answers of the charter wheel; when the accelerometer mode is on, balance your mobile phone to rotate the ball).
7. The session starts after a three-second countdown. Keep spinning the pendulum over the chart evenly. Stay calm.
8. When the session is over, you will see a window that will show you several answers indicated by your subconsciousness.
9. If you want, you can save the results to analyze them in the future and start a new session.
10. Experiment and create new options of contacting your subconsciousness.

If the app does not work for you, please let us know by e-mail and we will respond within 24 hours.

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