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Draft Survey is a way to determine the weight of cargo being loaded on a vessel. Ship Surveyor App calculates the draft survey and produces a draft survey report.

This app requires internet if emailing report or downloading pre-configured ship.

You can import your hydrostatic directly using Excel CSV format.
Just slip in the SD Card , USB with the CSV and tap Import while on Hydrostatic Screen.

You can configure the ship easily on http://draft.avocetdata.net using your excel worksheet.
Or you can email your Hydrostatic data in Excel format, CSV format or Text format to avocetdata@gmail.com.
Please allows 3 hours before attempting to download. Please use correct Shipname and Callsign.
This service is provided FREE.

This Draft Survey procedure and calculation ascertained is based on the following.:
Reading the draft mark of the ship, which consists of six (6) points of draft marks, i.e.; Ford, Midship, and Aft at both sides of the ship,sampling of the sea water or dock water density at the place where the vessel floats,determining of deductible weights by measuring and sounding of ballast tanks, fuel oil, fresh water that exists onboard at the time of survey,and finally using Hydrostatic Table provided on board to calculate..
This app allows you to have multiple ships , email report and print report using any print app which can print email.

Pro Version has the following added features against its predecessor .
1- Email to multiple email addresses.
2- Instant Cargo Notes
3- Default Ship Selection
4-Ad Hoc Calculation. You do not need a HydroStatic Table.
5-Easy to use interface

For file importing
File Name must contain the full path.
/mnt/sdcard/sdcard1/myfile.csv (try using a file name with no spaces)

You must check if external (I mean the one which can be freely removed from the device without removing the
battery) SD card is inserted on the device
For instance, Samsung's Galaxy family devices state the external SD drive to be mounted on


Anyway, before trying to get actual external path you should consult to the device manufacturer, for what mount path you should be looking for. And still, even when you know external path, you can be frustrated trying to look that folder directly.

Consider we have a Galasy S which has external SD card path as of "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd". The most obvious way to check it is to use File Manager App.

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