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Avocet Stability and Trim App will render the stability condition for a ship.
This App is free for a limited time only , and has less feature from the Ship Loadicator STAB AND TRIM App
From time immemorial , Stability and Trim has always been a job for Chief Officer where he checks the trim before loading any cargo. Using the slide rule , he used the MCTC and cargo moment to determine the change of trim on loading a cargo hold or discharging ballast to get on even keel.
Avocet Stability and Trim does exactly that. It is not a replacement for Ship Board Loadicator and should using the Master Device.
It provides visual display of ship's stability on each change of cargoes , tanks and Ballast .
You can then save the condition for later reviewing.
GN Curve is based on Simpson Rule and based on the Cross Curves of Stability as provided by the ship yard.

Internet access is only required if you are accessing table data which you have saved on the web otherwise it is not required at all.

This App is a full working version , you can configure and add ships. However the hydrostatic curves have editing limitations.
We strongly hope you like this App , please do not hesitate to contact the developer if you need features added it or you have any questions in regards to its use.

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