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Beautiful Mermaid has a date meet with Angel sister today. Come to help mermaid treat angel sister. Firstly, both of the two girls with meet in the sea and you need to follow mermaid’s instructions to make one delicious pizza with sea food and her magical power. Then come to use the shells to make one nice necklace for angel sister and let her be happy. Moreover, you can also let one cute dolphin to have a show for angel and let angel have a hut with dolphin. Secondly, angel sister will take mermaid to the sky. She will let the flying bird take one leaf for mermaid and use her magic power to make one beautiful hairpin with cloud. Then angel will use her magic to make nice colorful rainbow for mermaid and use the cloud to make letters of love and let the bird sing a song for mermaid. At last, you can come to help mermaid and angel dress up with amazing dresses and accessories and show us.
1. Help mermaid treat angel in the sea
2. Help angel serve mermaid in the air
3. Dress up mermaid and angel beautifully
How to play:
1. help mermaid to take angel sister to the sea
2. follow the instructions of mermaid to make sea food for angel
3. Use shells to make one nice necklace for angel
4. Let angel have a hug with dolphin
5. Help angel to let the bird take one leaf for mermaid
6. Design one hairpin for mermaid by using cloud
7. Make colorful rainbow by magic
8. Let the flying bird sing a song for mermaid
9. Dress up for mermaid and angel

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