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Market 24h Clock: stock market traders clock

The Market 24h Clock's dial shows you market hours: hours of main trading sessions of 15 major stock exchanges. The dial is 24 hour dial. That means, that you are able to watch the whole trading day (and the whole market) at once. The Market 24h Clock's time is UTC.

Beside the main Market 24h Clock you will find a set of local market clocks. Each clock shows trading hours and current local time of one of the stock markets.

With the Market 24h Clock app you can:

* watch current open / closed status of stock exchanges
* understand specific market movement at any given moment of time
* plan your strategy of entering and leaving the trade
* form your own trading tactics
* organize your trading time better and more effectively.

The Market 24h Clock combined with a set of forex quotes is a powerful tool for each trader.

How it works:

- the hour hand shows current status of the market. It points to a stock market or markets currently being open (orange sectors).
- surge-in-activity hours when strong price movements take place are highlighted in green. These hours concur with the opening of major stock markets and/or the announcement of important economic data.
- the Green 21:00 UTC Line stands for beginning of the new trading day. That is the time of swap charging.

* For the app to display the right time, please check that your device time zone is correct.
* We chose our Clock to display the UTC because the UTC does not change with a change of seasons, thus it is the same throughout the year. Local DST changes are calculated and applied automatically, so the Clock always shows you the right trading hours.
* Holidays of each market are considered in the Market 24h Clock
* you need an internet connection to get any reference information.
* official web site is
* languages of the interface are: English / Russian

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