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Escape Game: Escape Desert

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Escape Game: Escape Desert
This puzzle and escape game that desperate need of wisdom.
Desert contains a puzzle and dark secret. You decide to explore the mystery, and break into this uncharted territory. However, unfortunate thing happened. You are trapped in a mysterious secret room. There are a variety of rooms in it and closet, only to break inside the mystery and find the key to open the rooms, you can escape the mysterious chamber. There are variety of props and agencies hidden inside the room, the slightest mistake will be in danger! Use your mind to break in the puzzle, to escape this horrible room now!
Note that this is a room escape game which desperate need wisdom, and extremely addictive. Must not indulge, or you will have too much fun!
Limited free download, friends like 100 Doors and Room Escape game series, must not miss the game.

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