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It's the year 8192.

A war ravages my land and I am one of the last of my kind.

A geometric war has killed most of the circles on my planet, others have been taken hostage.

At one time we ruled over the humans in harmony, squares, circles, triangles. We were the tri-force.

I'm not sure how it happened but the triangles and squares ambushed us and engaged a full scale war.

Destroy any incoming shapes, even rogue circles, while I concentrate and listen to my jazz. As you destroy these shapes you'll fill up my concentration meter and it'll give you power-ups.

This is a huge update:

- Added a container to store a secondary ability to use at your leisure.
- Revamped the points and combo system.
- Added highest scores to the home screen.
- Several performance updates.
- Color changes now happen when the main circle is hit to give you feedback that an object has made it through.
- Sounds and music fully revamped.
- Reworked the wipe ability, instead of a ping it now fires down laser lines on all incoming objects and destroys them.

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3 years

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