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Redneck Redemption: Zombie War

Android Arcade
Offers in-app purchases ($1.99 - $199.99)
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Are you ready for war? And how about a ZOMBIE WAR?

Fend off brain-hungry zombies on this bloody battlefield! Hold your position and fight the zombies with powerful guns, but remember to keep your cool even on the most overwhelming situations, or this night you might end up as zombie dinner...

Redneck Redemption covers all your needs for the zombie infestation, including:

* Simple and addictive gameplay: match colors to shoot your weapons, that's all! But bigger weapons mean more colors, so be careful...
* 16 awesome guns at your disposal to blow zombies back to the beyond. And don't tell anyone, but I heard that there are some secret weapons as well... ;)
* 40 levels of burning gunpowder and zombie bloodshed
* Two almighty special weapons to use anytime during your zombie-killing spree: the automatic turret and superpowered Atomic Bomb!
* A dog companion to help you collect coins and become wealthy faster - hey, you can trust your money to man's best friend!

Wait no longer, ready your guns and prepare to blow some zombies on Redneck Redemption: Zombie War!

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