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Animal Puzzle Collection delivers a vast number of puzzles for your little loved ones to enjoy. All in all it includes 40 real pictures of many different animals, including lions, penguins, cows, dogs, and cats (my personal favorite - I just love cats!). But I have also included more exotic animals like ibis, lizards, pelican, barracuda, or flamingos. So your kid will most likely find some animals it has never before seen. :)
Each picture is divided into 9 puzzle pieces, which are randomized and put on the left of the screen, from which your children can drag them over into their places on the screen. If all the puzzle pieces are in place, the final animal picture is revealed and colorful ballons fly up from the bottom of the screen. (Of course you can pop them! :))

In brief, Animal Puzzle Collection has the following features:
* 10 free puzzles, 40 puzzles in the full version
* A diverse collection of animals, some more exotic than others
* all pictures in good quality, optimized for mobile consumption
* Lots of cats, which the programmer loves the most

You can try out this app for free and it will not display any advertisements. In this version you get the first 10 animal puzzles and if you like what you see, want more puzzles for your kids, and maybe help this lone app developer, you can unlock the rest of the puzzles for a total of 40 animal puzzles. The full version if priced at 0.75 Euro and I hope you think it is worth much more than this.

A lot of work went into this app and I really, really hope that it works without any errors. Still, if you encounter any, please don't hesitate to contact me, either via Twitter (@BiondooGames), Facebook, or eMail (

Cheers, Marcus
Biondoo Games

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