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Connect the water pump to the drain with the longest possible circuit by dropping pipe sections onto the grid before the time is up and water starts flowing.
If you successfully complete a circuit from pump to drain you score one point for every pipe section the water flows though between the pump and the drain.

There are three types of pipe section:
1) Straight
2) Bend
3) Cross-Over

Water flows through the Straight and Bend sections as you would expect, but the Cross-Over section has four openings. It is effectively two straight pipe sections crossing each other at right angles, so water only flows through it in a straight line. A Cross-Over section can be used in place of a straight section (water does not spill out of the open sides) or it can be used to create loops (see the sample layout on the opening screen)

The "Current" section appears in the circle under the "Stack" of sections. Drag part from circle to table to move part.

Rotate Current Section (before dropping it on grid) :
Tap on circle.

Place Current Section on open grid cell (or replace section already in circuit) :
Drag part on open cell or circuit section.

When a section is placed on the grid or discarded the section at the bottom of the Stack moves down into the circle and becomes the new Current Section.

When the pump and drain are connected by a valid circuit the pump starts automatically and the water flows.

If a level times-out before the pump and drain are connected the pump starts and water flows slowly through any pipe sections that are connected to the pump. You can keep adding sections until either the circuit connects pump and drain, or until the water reaches a pipe section that is open to the grid or blocked.

When a level is successfully completed one point is awarded for each pipe section the water flows through between the pump an drain. If the water flows through a "cross-over" section in both directions it scores two points.

The game has 8 levels. Higher levels allow less time to build your circuit.

Have a good play!

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