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Riding Shotgun: Sheriff's Life

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We need a tough hombre to protect the settler's shipment of gold. The last armed escort we sent through here got bushwhacked, and the road is still blocked. I'll take the job. I'm always happy using my Colt .45 to earn a few dollars and help out some good folks. Let's get that road from Golden Rock Mine to Raven Fort opened back up!

- Unique, addictive game play
- Beautiful sound effects and graphics
- Use your brain power to defeat bandits and outlaws
- Poker mini-game included

Game Features:

22 Levels with different difficulty

Game Instructions:

- Move your wagon to attack your opponent or pick up bonus items (choose an ammunition box).
- Wagons can't be moved onto empty squares.
- You can move your wagon horizontally.
- You opponent can move his wagon vertically.
- The game ends when neither you nor your opponent can move to an occupied square.
- The player with the most health wins.
- The game can also end early when one player runs out of health.
- You can also play poker at the saloon in town.
- You can buy bonus items at the town's general store. The bonus effects are permanent and won't wear off at the end of a level.

Game Items:

- Revolver: takes 1 off opponent's health
- Gun: takes 2 off opponent's health
- Rifle: takes 3 off opponent's health
- Double-barreled shotgun: takes 4 off opponent's health
- Medicine: restores 5 health to you
- Deputy's star: increases damage done to your opponent by 1 (max 3)
- Shield: decreases damage taken to you by 1 (max 3)
- Gold coins: gives you 50 gold coins if you win the level
- Dice: randomly gives you one of 3 bonuses (star, shield, or gold coins)


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