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In Horse Academy you can build your dream horse ranch and breed, train, care for and race your horses against anyone in the world!

You can build stables, hot walkers, treadmills, paddocks, breeding centers, barns, race tracks and much more to ensure your horses are happy and are able to compete to their best in races. Each horse has unique abilities and personality – is your horse king of the grass or sand? Is it a flat track bully or a big time performer? Does it respond better to the stick or carrot? These are a few of the things you must learn about your horses to get the best out of them! Breed future winners by pairing together successful horses, mold your horse by selecting talent points such as improving its performance on jumps. Find the right combinations to unlock rare breeds! Come race day you take control of your Jockeys tactics, know when to push or when to save your energy try and outwit your friends and players from around the world to become the ultimate horse trainer.

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