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Mommy Horse and her Little Baby

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This is the best opportunity you might get if you want to see how a baby horse is born and the processes that are behind this miracle of giving life. There are many tasks that will be assigned to you and you will have to accomplish them successful in order to have a healthy baby horse and mamma too. Don't waste any minute and help this pregnant horse to finally meet her baby. First, you will have to check if her medical condition is proper for this kind of transformation, then you will proceed with the task. The checking implies some basic verifications like seeing if the heartbeats are normal, injecting some vitamins, ultrasounds for the baby's safety and so on. Assist the birth and push her belly so she could deliver the little horse in the real world. When the baby is out you have to take him to be washed and all cleaned up, but before that, you have to prepare the food that is going to be served to him. Find the objects hidden in the closet and put them in handy. When the baby requires a certain food, make sure you offer it to him. Also, you will be cleaning the stable for these lovely horses. Erase the dirt from the ground, place the food where it should be and make sure you remove anything that will make that space unsanitary. Next, you will have to dress them up with cute accessories and get them together in their new and all redesigned home.

You should be looking at these amazing features this game brings because you don't want to miss any of them while you are playing:
- Easy gameplay
- Lovely story and even greater design
- Cool characters to play with
- Having a pregnant mamma horse to look after
- Gain nursing and cleaning skills
- Learn the needs and the proper environment for a little horse
- It's free and you can play it as many times as you wish
- Taking a good care of the baby after he is out in the world
- Feed the mom and the baby with the right type of food
- Use colorful accessories and items to embellish a baby horse and his mother

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