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Be everyone’s favorite. Playing Favorites is a hilarious fill-in-the-blank word game that you and your friends can play anywhere. Combine cards to handcraft hilarious responses to the game's questions, then vote to choose whose is the cleverest creation. Play with friends across the table or across the globe. Grab booster packs, discover Rare and Epic cards, and use a variety of items to gain the upper hand in this collectible card game of 1200+ (and counting) cards. This is one game where you'll never run out of new things to see.

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+Turn-based multiplayer trading card game (TCG)

+Supports up to ten (yes, 10!) players in a game

+Pair Answer and Modifier cards for myriad combinations: up to 6,060 per hand

+Items let you play extra cards for even crazier creations

+Three game modes: play with friends across the table or across the globe

+Ever-growing collectible card game: over 1200 cards and counting

+Earn Coins for winning rounds, then use them to buy Booster Packs

+(LIMITED TIME) Use promo code "earlybird" in the Shop to get exclusive cards

+A word TCG (trading card game) where you collect funny phrases, not monsters

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