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The Dance Of The Spiral – Android Application

A virtual game project through which everyone can get answers to their questions, notwithstanding if these questions are about the past or present or future. The game is a part of the method for achieving health, longevity, self-awareness and the knowledge of the World, received in meditation and recorded by Doncho Gospodinov Krastev aka Don Krastev. The method, called THE DANCE OF THE SPIRAL, is explained in detail in the book by the same title. In the book, eastern and western esoteric philosophy are combined into one and integrated into the current New Era and New Energy on our planet and in the Galaxy and are harmonized with the energy and light of Love. This application takes the essence of the book and brings it to you in easy to use application.

The concept of the game is that through the virtual flipping of the coin by an animated character we can receive answers to the questions about different spheres of Existence. Amusing and serious at the same time, the game is suitable for people of all ages, starting from 5 years old. It is based on I CHING – THE BOOK OF CHANGES, the oldest known divination system used for understanding oneself and the World.

The book THE DANCE OF THE SPIRAL and the same name application provide us with most accurate information due to their synchronization with the current transformation of the world. The traditional method of flipping 3 coins has been substituted by the use of 1 coin that represents the Unity of Man with the World; the advantage is that this new method is much easier to use and gives more concise and precise answers. The game is a sort of Time Machine that allows us to travel to our past and future, giving us, at the same time, deeper understanding of our present.
Flipping of the coin may have the same function as, for example, a daily/weekly/monthly astrological reading and may be more accurate because it takes into consideration the changes that occur as the time goes by. The book and the application can be used as a reference source when we need to know:

- what is beneficial for our health and what is not (e.g. food, drinks, conditions, etc.)
- what sort of adequate actions we should take and what we shouldn’t do
- when and how we will find something or someone
- what is favorable to our business and what is detrimental
- how to remove the obstacles to our finding true love and what will help us to find it
- how we can achieve success and in what areas

THE DANCE OF THE SPIRAL system is an elegant presentation of ancient wisdom that can be of valuable assistance to many people – as a learning tool and as a means for developing intuition and raising consciousness.

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