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Choose the cover plates that best fits your home.
Supported languages: english, chinese, czech, dutch, french, italian, slovak, spanish.

2.1.3 (September 2016)
- the rounded Axolute coverplates aren't available in México anymore
2.1.1 (April 2016)
- the camera features are been re-enabled on Android 6
- added a coverplate for the Italian customers (the L4803AC) and remove some old ones
- prices update
- the Axolute AIR and the Monochrome frames are available in Mexico
2.0.4 (November 2015)
- improved the images quality
- Android 2.2 isn't supported anymore
- temporary disabled the camera features on Android 6
2.0.1 (July 2015)
- the slovak language is supported
2.0.0 (May 2015)
- integrated the Màtix coverplates
- a new the Axolute AIR coverplates is available for sale for the Italian customers
- added the coverplate prices (where available)
- performance improvements
1.4.2 (August 2014)
- the Axolute AIR coverplates are available for sale for the Italian customers
1.4.0 (August 2014)
- the czech language is supported
1.3.1 (February 2014)
- two more Axolute coverplates are available for sale
1.3.0 (December 2013)
- performance improvements
- bug fixes
- the customisation is sharable also on Google+
- added more countries: USA, China, Greece
- the chinese language is supported
- added Android 2.2 and 2.3 support
- fixed a bug for the 480 displays (like the Galaxy S I)
- significant weight reduction, the app no more downloads any images when launched for the first time
- improved some coverplates details
- made some improvements when switching back from another app

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