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The 8 Great Diagnostic is a Comprehensive, free educational application to determine what level to start individualized lessons using the 8 Great Word Patterns apps. Each level is downloaded separately. In this diagnostic a student will be asked to spell (type) words of increasingly harder word patterns. The student will progress through the levels as they get a score of 80%. When the diagnostic is done, a score will appear revealing which level to start on. The level has more relevance to the pattern complexity than to a grade level.

These apps are developed by Dr. Gary Moser, a fourth grade teacher with a doctorate in Reading and over 20 years experience tutoring struggling readers. Informal research has proven four times the growth expected for Special Education students in 3-6th grade. Current research is being conducted in school year 2013-2014. Findings will then be shared.

*Type the spoken words
*Items are scored and each level must pass at 80% or above
*When a student fails a level the test is done
*The students level is shown in large type
*The student’s scores can be viewed in the Parents and Teachers section

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