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Pepe's Conchita: Fly Fury

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The #1 Game in on Cow Island and abroad!

Hello Friend!
Help Pepe to protect his cow Conchita from the flies!

Pepe is from Mexico. He is taking care of the cow Conchita. Every day he's looking after Conchita. Conchita doesn't belong to Pepe, she belongs to evil Bernardo. Pepe doesn't like Bernardo, but Bernardo is Pepe's boss. Pepe loves Conchita so much, he will never leave her! Flies love Conchita too, but Conchita hates flies!

Pepe has to protect Conchita from the flies. If there are too many flies on Conchita, she's getting angry. And when Conchita is getting angry, evil Bernardo is getting upset. And if evil Bernardo is getting upset.....Pepe is getting fiiiirrrreeeed!

Help Pepe and Conchita now!

What is so special about this game?
+++ Pepe is very nice
+++ He is a very funny guy
+++ Conchita is such a beautiful cow
+++ It is easy to play, but hard to master
+++ Pepe knows a lot and will talk to you... a lot!
+++ Pepe has so many things to say, you can stay in the main menu for hours!
+++ He can even sing famous songs!
+++ The flies are tricky and wear armor...fight it off, my friend!
+++ It is a great fun experience, just try it!
+++ Pepe likes to make siesta!

We looooooooove our Conchita!

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