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Did you ever played with baby pets? Well here is a fun animal care salon for girls and boys in which you can play with not just one pet but with five of them!

All these cute animals love to play, they have a lot of energy and they always want to go out, and after a while they all end up to be full of dirty, branches and mud. Surely it will be our job to clean them and make them look nice and healthy again!

Start the game by taking care of this little puppy, he enjoys playing fetch with children and running around, as a result you'll see in what a mess he got into. Take your time to take all the leaves and branches off him, use the shower and the brush to take down the mud and dirt he got in his fur and after that you must dry up his hair, you don't want our doggy to catch a cold. After cleaning and taking care of him you can take a step further by taking care of his manicure as well, enjoy using all kinds of pet manicure tools and cleaning, cutting down his nails and even coloring them, who said that a puppy can't have fancy nails?
Something missing? It's not a complete baby animal game if you don't have dress up in it, so you can explore some of the most fancy items this dog has in his wardrobe and combine them so that he can look amazing!

Had a lot of fun with the cute little dog? Well you can do the same thing with the bunny, get him clean, dress him up and, also one of the most important thing, get him to the vet, he might have some trouble with his teeth, so you might one to taking him to the animal doctor and check him out, maybe even wash his teeth and clean his mouth!

Girls love cats and ponies, so you can imagine that you can have a lot of fun at the cat level, where you can hear our cute little cat pour or meow, take special carring of this little pet and make her look fantastic, like a real cat princess which she is!
Our Pony as well is quite spoiled and she needs special attention, take good care of her and also make sure to change her horseshoes quite often as they can get pretty dirty and might upset our little pony.

And last but not least, we have one of the cute baby farm animals, our amazing little pig, well like any animal of this kind, he enjoys spending lots of time in the mud, and also eating all kinds of stuff, you must take him to the local vet so that a veterinary can look at his mouth and check if all the teeth are alright and if he needs some attention, you'll be invited in playing a fun vet doctor game and make his teeth look nice and clean.

Explore all the animals, enjoy the beautiful sound effects, animations and high quality graphics that this game has to offer!
Simple, intuitive and fun! We recommend this to kids of all ages!

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