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Hi, how are you? Do you want to have fun with us today through this game for children? Do you want to make new friends? If you want to have a very beautiful day we will help you through this game to care for children, you'll be able to test your most important skills. Your mission will be very beautiful, you have to take care of our child because today we have to go to a conference. We are sure that you will be able to do everything you need for our daughter to be happy. She waits for you because she wants very much to become her friend. Do you want to help us? If you want to take care of our daughter we'll let a few guidelines that you can use in order to finish this special mission.
You will have fun and at the same time you will prove to everyone that you are a responsible child who can take care of a baby.
Be very careful about the details of this game for girls.
Good luck!

- At the beginning of the game you will meet our beautiful daughter;
- You'll have to help her to wash;
- Fill the tub with warm water;
- Now you have to help the little girl to get into the tub;
- Use baby shampoo;
- Choose a soap for sensitive skin;
- Now you need to remove water with a sponge;
- Dry her hair;
- You did a great job;
- Apply a lotion and massage well;
- Apply a special powder for babies;
- Change the diaper;
- Give her some milk;
- Give her a pacifier;
- Now you have to choose the best hairstyle;
- The girl is very happy, you are a good friend.

Thank you for your help today, you are a responsible child and please come back daily to help us through this game with babies.

Have fun!

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