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For several days our friend Dayana feels very bad, can hardly breathe. But today felt much worse than on other days so I called the hospital and went to the doctor the Interior. After she arrived at the hospital must measure voltage, to check its pulse was giving him less oxygen and to check its heartbeat. Must we put a camera in the nose that will help us to see them germs and try to eliminate them. Further he must receive an injection of anesthetic because the lungs have to operate because I noticed that it has high difficulty in breathing and must do on Dayana feel great. We need to clean all the glands and to remove deposits near the lungs. We see that his lung is slightly cracked so you have to take a medical thread and sew them to start lungs. Dayana have to wait until he wakes up because the surgery was successful and I received an excessive dose of anesthetic. We invite you to choose and other games for girls in this series to test your skills.

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