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Your child is the hero of a story that will help you discover some of the Easter habits which is coming soon. The child is invited with his family in Bunny`s workshop where they will prepare eggs, bread and cake for the Easter celebration.The child finds out the meanings of the colours used to paint the eggs, and parents will be drawn into the holiday spirit . Along with his mother, he has to prepare Easter meal that consists of haggis , red eggs , cake , bread . Each year, the rabbit brings gifts to obidient, hardworking and kind children. Chicken sits quietly in the cage and waits to be fed with grain . Hit chicken with the stick so it makes an egg. Give her food in the bowl and when it is out of the cage quickly take the egg . Together with the mother , take the egg in the kitchen and put it to boil. Mother starts cooker , puts water to boil then puts the egg . After the egg is cooked, it is ready for painting . You can choose from a wide range of colors and decorations for the Easter egg . Paint it in your favorite color and show to all your friends what a beautiful Easter egg you have prepared.

Instructions: Play this game using your fingers

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