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Hi, life in the countryside is beautiful, the air is very clean and the best part is that we can have very many animals. Life in the countryside it is easier for example the milk for breakfast we do not have to from the store in the morning we just have to go in the yard where we find a cow that can give us some milk. It's so nice in the countryside that every morning makes us enjoy life. This game for children is great, is that game that makes you appreciate the work field and work with animals but we do not have to forget that this life often is not easy. If you live in the country or the city definitely you love animals, and probably you have a favorite animal. This kids game with animals will give you the opportunity to play the role of a small farmer. Your mission is to take care of animals every day, you have to clean, to bring them food and water and even talk to them. The animals love people and animals feel when they are appreciated so it is important to maintain a connection with them.
Sure this game for children will greatly enjoy you.

1) At first you will know Mike, he is a boy who came to visit the grandparents and all summer wants to deal with animal care just like a real farmer.
2) For the beginning to fill the bucket with water;
3) You have to go to each animal and give them water;
4) You have to give grain for pig, corn for chickens and for cow you have to give alfalfa.
5) Collect the eggs;
6) You do not forget that you have to close the gate at the chickens;
7) Sit next to cow milking machine and then you have to start the milking. Cow's milk is delicious and every morning you need to drink a glass of milk;
8) Now you need to make clean, you have to help him to give with broom everywhere. Place were animals are living must be very clean;
9) After you have finished the job in the yard Mike wants to help him to dress, choose a right hairstyle first and then you have to choose the most beautiful clothes.

Thank you for your help, Mike's grandmother will be very happy because their grandson has a friend so diligent. If you want to play yourself the farmer we are waiting here for you in this game farms for children.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose girls games and games for girls to see if you're doing as well as you did before.


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