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Hi, firefighters are very important in our lives, they save us when we are in a difficult situation. Even if it is a fire, flood or even about a cat who can not descend from a tree, firefighters are there ready to help. They have a very difficult job full of risks. Every day they risk their lives and for this we need to respect them and appreciate them. Today you will meet a woman who is a firefighter, she chose two years ago that this is what she wants to do. Through this game for girls you'll meet a wonderful woman. Every day she helps people but today she is one that needs help because she is pregnant and will give birth. She needs a friend but also a doctor. Do you want to help her through this game with babies? If you want to be her friend you will be able to do this through this game for girls.
Follow all instructions of this game for kids.

- Woman is at work and she must hurry to go to hospital;
- We need to help her to make their baggage;
- Put everything in the bag;
- Now she arrived at the hospital;
- She has to sit on the bed and you can start consultation;
- Check blood pressure;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check if the woman has a fever;
- Give her a pill to be able to relax;
- Make ultrasound to see if the child is healthy;
- Do anesthesia;
- The child was born;
- Need to consult him;
- Check the weight and length;
- Give him milk;
- Change the diaper;
- Choose the most beautiful clothes;
- Mother and son feel very well, you're a very good doctor.

Thank you for the help you are the best friend of ours. Please come back every day through this game.

Have fun!

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