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Today is a day crowded hospital and doctors along with nurses have to deal with all patients, but can not do this alone. You must help them to finish quickly, you have to check the health of patients, and to make them feel better. In this game you have to help the doctor and nurse in this. First you have to check his temperature, measure his heart rate and pulse oxygen to them and to manage some blood. Then he must clean your hands, get them out all the thorns from fingers to clean all traces of dirt he was ii relieve pain from bumps and apply some bandages. Then we have to deal with the second patient, to check its temperature and pulse, his measure heartbeat, oxygen to them and make them anti-inflammatory injection. Then you must take care of the patient's teeth, to clean them and to remove all traces of dirt. Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other games for girls for testing your skills in this type of game.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play

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