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Hello, do you like to go in holidays? Sure you like, they are favorites of all and each year we expect to be able to go on holiday with friends or family in a beautiful and relaxing place. For a vacation to be successful we need to establish the location and itinerary, you should be aware of all the details to be able to have part of a beautiful holiday. Today through this game with holidays for children you will meet a young mother who gave birth recently and now she wants to go with her daughter in a beach area. She wants to relax with her daughter and she has great emotions but if you get help her she will be very happy. Do you want to help her to plan a wonderful holiday through this game with babies? If you want to make a friend you will definitely be able to make it through this girls game.
Please follow all instructions of the game.

- Hitee and Irvette expect your help;
- Now you have to prepare the bag for the baby, you will need to pack all the clothes that she needs;
- In the bag you must enter: milk, toys, food bowl, cereal, diapers, tea, water, balloons, pacifiers;
- Now the two can go to sea;
- They came, everything is wonderful, very beautiful is the day, it is a perfect day for the beach;
- Hitee wants to relax and therefore please take care of the girl;
- Change the diaper;
- Apply a moisturizer and massage well;
- Now you have to apply a powder for babies;
- Choose a new diaper;
- Now you must choose the right clothes;
- Give her a toy;
- She is hungry, you have to prepare a delicious lunch;
- We need to give to Hitee some water to hydrate;
- If the baby cries you will have to give her a pacifier;
- Mother and daughter are very happy, you are a good friend.

Thank you for help, you are a child very responsible and please come back daily to help us through this game.

Have fun!

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