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Today we must try to make my girlfriend manicure. To start, use a brush with orange flavored moisturizer all over her hand. Then stuff hand in a special cream to dry. Afterward, brush the hand but with a kiwi flavored cream that is used to apply gel nails. Again, we put the hand into a device that emits heat so the cream dries quickly. We take a nail file and round off the nails of this girl because she has small pieces that hurts. Once done, take nail clippers and cut her beautiful nails. If she has cream on the hand, we wipe with a dry cloth to apply the gel filled without difficulty. After we thoroughly clean hands and there is no cream left, start to apply the gel on nails and make them as we want, but in a spectacular way , of course, because this girl has to go to an event tonight, and her hands must be very nice so she can be admired by all the boys. We can choose a simple color nail, pink, light blue, dark blue, orange, red , black, scarlet or yellow , or we can make them some forms that she will surely love. We can put a rock on some nails and a pebble or a bracelet to put them to match the nails. We put a ring, I do a small tattoo on her hand, and our little girl is ready to rock. She is very pleased that you helped her make the nails, I do not think she could do this without you . Thank you very much!

Control: Play the game using your fingers.

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