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Hello, today you'll have fun very well with us. You can make some many funny things and at the same time you will take care of two girls. Their parents had to go to a conference and the two daughters now are waiting for your help. The two girls are very excited because today you will become their friend and we are sure that you are very happy. You have to help them with whatever they need. This kids game is awesome, you can test your skills and prove everybody that you're a very responsible kid who can take care of two children younger than him.
The two girls are very sensitive and you must give them a lot of attention.
Through this game for girls you'll be able to play along with Mara and Anna.
For everything to come out exactly as we planned you should follow all instructions of the game.
Good luck!

- In the beginning you will meet the two girls;
- They are very happy because today they will meet you;
- You will notice that the game has three levels;
- In the first level you have to help the girls to play;
- They want to play in the swing;
- Then after a few minutes of play you have to help them to bathe;
- Fill the tub with warm water;
- Now you have to help girls to wash with a special shampoo;
- Use a soap for sensitive skin;
- In order to remove water from the body you will have to use a clean towel;
- Now you have to choose the most beautiful clothes and accessories;
- You did very well, girls are very happy;
- Parents will be very pleased with the way in which you handled;
- You are a good friend.

Thank you for helping, please come back daily to help us through this game.

Have fun!

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