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Hi, it is a beautiful day and in a day like this we thought that it is a good idea to make a new friend. If you want to be friends we will be very happy and you can have fun with us through this game for kids. You could do something useful in your spare time and also have fun as you never done it. You're probably wondering what is about this game and what is your role and for these reasons we'll explain what to do. Your role is very important because you will be the help for a pregnant woman. You'll have to help Sandy to meet her child through this game for girls. She is our friend for a long time and we know that she really needs you to be able to prepare for the coming of her baby. This will be very happy to meet you and you will definitely become her friend.
For everything to come out as we planned, please follow all instructions of this game to care for children.
Good luck!

- Sure you will like very much what you have to do first, namely you will have to drive on Sandy to buy what he needs;
- You must be careful on the road to avoid accidents;
- Sandy is happy to go shopping with you in the city;
- You have to go into the store that she likes most;
- You should buy what the child needs, namely: bottle, milk, diapers, clothes, blankets and toys;
- Then you have to buy what Sandy needs;
- After you have shopped Sandy wants to go home;
- Here she starts to have pain and she needs your help to go to hospital
- You have to start consultation;
- Check blood pressure;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check if Sandy has fever;
- Make ultrasound to see how the child feels;
- Do anesthesia;
- The child was born;
- Need to consult him;
- Check heartbeat;
- Check weight and height;
- Give him some milk;
- Change the diaper;
- Choose the most beautiful clothes;
- Mother and baby feel good.

Thank you for help, please come back daily to help us through this game.

Have fun!

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