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Hey, Santa is that old man which comes with many gifts each winter in all children on this planet but now is sick, he needs a very good doctor too be able to heal him. Do you can help him? Do you think that you can be a doctor for a day? If yes then through this Christmas game you will meet Santa Claus, he is a good old and simple. Be sure to apply the correct treatment to be able to do well until Christmas Eve. Follow all instructions of this game for kids with Santa Claus. If you pay attention to details you can prove to them that you are the best doctor.

1) At first you'll find Santa in your office, he expects to consult, you will need to measure his heart rate ii, you will have to measure the blood pressure and to give him a pill that will lower blood;
2) Put a mass of oxygen Santa because he can not breathe very well, check the body temperature, the old man has a fever and you need to take him an injection that will lower fever. Check diabetes;
3) Eliminate stains on the face with a device, apply a lotion that will clean his skin with a brush will have to clean the face and finally apply a regenerating cream;
4) Now the skin is very clean and bright, you will need to apply eye drops;
5) Put oil on his finger and then massage the injured;
6) Put a plaster on the finger hurt and then you have to give your patient to cough syrup;

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose christmas games, doctor games, santa games and other games for girls to see if you're doing as well as you did before.

Thank you for your help, no doubt you are a very good doctor, Santa is doing very well and will be able to bring gifts to all good children. If you want to help out Santa you can come back anytime you want through this game for children with doctors.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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