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Memory Trainer is a brain booster memory training game for kids, which helps to improve memory skills, sharpen mental power, memorize items and to have keen minds. This brain training game uses memory block images to improve spatial memory,memory recognition, concentration, recall and recollection while having fun.

* Memory Trainer Brain training game contains memory card images of animals, birds (no angry birds though, only happy ones), fruits which they have to memorize and recall and recollect these memory block images fast and accurately.

* Memory Trainer game is a brain booster memoria game for kids but also relevant for all ages to improve memory and boost their mental power

There are three types of puzzles in this memoria game (indicated by blue, green and red colors)
Blue Level: This is a classical matching memory card game. The trick is to remember as many matching memory card pairs at the start. This brain booster level will improve your concentration, recall and recollection.

Green Level: Comparatively an easy puzzle. Here you need to memorize the location of the open tiles and correctly recollect them when the cards are closed.
The easiest way to solve this brain booster level is to memorize as geometrical patterns. (diagonals, corners etc). This method is also an important way to improve memory recall and recollection.

Red Level: Probably the toughest brain booster level. You need to memorize all the pictures in memory cards which were open and choose them accurately from the open memory cards.

The trick here is to relate memory cards to a clue for remembering them later (e.g three red fruit memory cards and two brown animal memory cards). This puzzle will greatly enhance their recall and recollection skill and improve memory which children can leverage in academics to their advantage.

The memory trainer game gets tougher as you advance the ladder. The quicker and more accurate you finish more points you will fetch.

FEATURES (of memory training game):
- 3 different puzzle types in Safari with 25 levels
- 5 random puzzles in daily puzzle to boost your coins
- develops your recognition, concentration, recall, recollection and motor skills.
- compare and compete with your friends via facebook (optional)
- Inform your friends about the game (optional)
- Know your world ranking
- Visual memory training to improve memory and keep it sharp
- High Scores and World Ranking

* Simple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy to play, specially designed for children.
* This is a free kids puzzle game and we have kept ads in a way it doesn't annoy you.

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