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Missile Launcher is one of the games in the series of Competency Based Experiential Learning Solution (CoBELS). It is the most fun and engaging way to learn about the hard concepts of geometry. This full-fledged game consists of 6 gamified levels covering topics in geometry for grades 6-8.

The content aligns completely to schools curriculums such as the NCERT (India) and US Common Core.

Games provide an engaging and real life environment to learn the concepts. Concepts are introduced using explainer videos.

Allows the learners to compete with their peers through the leaderboards.

The game consists of the following levels:

Missile Attack - Use the geometrical tools to create lines that can launch missiles in a particular direction.

Missile Attack II - Use the geometrical tools to create launch missiles at a particular angle.

Triangle attack - Destroy the enemy triangles that do not fulfil the property of sides of the triangles.

Clash Of The Tri-Tans - Create congruent triangles and launch them to destroy enemy missiles.

Asteroid Attack - Reach out to the asteroids and answer questions to destroy them.

Clash Of The Tri-Tans II - Create congruent polygons and launch them to destroy enemy missiles.

This game can be used by students to understand the concepts taught in schools in a more real life situation.
Also helps them practice concepts in a fun way.

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