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The ‘Journey Towards Financial Literacy’ game is the most fun and engaging way to learn about the basics of finance. This full-fledged game consists of 19 gamified levels of financial concepts covering:

Money Matters - Smart Goal and Financial Analysis (Terms introduced: liquidity, net worth, assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound)

Budgeting - Balancing the means and ends (Terms introduced: Cash flow statement, deficit, surplus, budget, needs, wants, instant and delayed gratification, opportunity cost)

Investments (Terms introduced: Compounding, simple interest, compound interest, inflation, time value of money)
Insurance And Risk Management (Terms introduced: Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Endowment Plan, Money Back Plan, Vehicle Insurance, Mediclaim insurance, disability insurance, general insurance, property insurance, whole life policy, ULIP, pension plans; IRDA)

Banking (Terms introduced: RBI, commercial banks, ATM, different types of accounts, PIN, PAN)

Introduction to Stocks and Bonds (Terms introduced: Stocks, equity, premium, bonds, debentures, dividend, face value, market value, demat account, stock exchange, IPO)

Investments – Wider spectrum (Terms introduced: Mutual Fund, equity fund, debt funds, balanced fund, tax saving funds, closed end funds, growth plans, dividend plans, NAV, PPF, NSC, Post Office Monthly Income Scheme, Ponzi schemes)

Borrowing (Terms introduced: Home loan, personal loan, EMI, secured personal loan, unsecured personal loan, education loan, consumer loan, vehicle loan, fixed rate, floating rate, CIBIL)

Retirement Planning (Terms introduced: Pension, Defined benefit pension plan, EPF, PPF, employee pension scheme, national pension system, PFRDA)

This game can be used by students to prepare for India’s National Financial Literacy Assessment Test
(NFLAT) organized by NCFE. NFLAT is the first national level test to measure and improve the level of financial literacy and basic knowledge among students of class VIII, IX and X. This initiative is aimed at encouraging school students to obtain basic financial literacy and also provide the level of financial skills required for taking responsible financial decisions in life. It is one step towards better job prospects also.

Key features of the ‘Journey Towards Financial Literacy’ game are:

* Comprehensive coverage of concepts: 19 engaging Game levels covering all aspects of Finance.
* Engaging and interesting, with leaderboards to compete (healthily) with friends.
* Close to 2 hours of game play content.
* Important concepts and definitions highlighted as key notes.
* Aligned to India’s NFLAT exam preparatory content.

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