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Meet the My Family Fix Girls! These adorable and handy girls love to fix up broken-down houses!
Can you help them give these worn-out homes extreme MAKEOVERS! Paint the walls, decorate rooms, repair appliances and so much more! Fix a new house every day! Earn prizes and upgrade the rooms as you play!
The fix it Girls are here to save the neighborhood! They need your help and creativity! Join them as you work together to make these broken-down homes look brand new and beautiful! Clean, repair and design every room in the houses! Fix up electric appliances, refurbish old furniture, choose from tons of paint colors and more! Earn awesome upgrades for the homes as you fix them up! There’s lot's of fixing up to do, so let’s get started!
My daddy was hurt when he repaired electric appliance. You need to help him dispose wound. And then repair the TV, lamp, and air condition under father’s guidance.

“pong” what happened? Where is the sound from? Take a look in the kitchen. The Oven is broken, and Bread pieces everywhere. Help mom deal with that quickly. And check the oven. Bingo, Juicer and Blender.

Then let’s go to sister’s bedroom. What a messy room! clean up. Are there any electric appliance to repair?

Piquant kitty broke the fish tank accidentally, and it was also hurt. Love angel help it and cure it.

What a nice day today! It is very beautiful in your balcony. Handy girl , why not make a stand for your flower, which is good for them growth?

Come on join us, family handyman!

Key features:
1.Unique experience for family repair.
2.Five challenge level, multiple household appliance. Strong storytelling?which will develop children’s love?sympathy and warmth-heart.
3. Easy and funny. Children will learn more and develop kids initiative consciousness on helping parents to do some housework.
4. The scene is dramatic and vivid.
5. This is a free imitation game?and you can play this game free, but some props need you to purchase. Welcome to purchase more game props which can give you more fresh experence, and can make our children learn more when they play devotedly. It will be more fantastic.
6.The house cleaning game can make your house more and more beautiful, so you will be the house maker in the future.

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