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Get ready for a new challenge in this cool care game. In there you will be a mother of three children.They are naughty, you should take care of them. In the period, go through various checks, birth, bathing, dressing, feeding and other tedious work, have been a mother, or a child will have to learn,review,experience the mother's hard work and joy of it!

Learn how to be baby’s doctor and designer. Be the virtual mommy to take care of adorable babies. This is the baby feeding and treatment game with the maker fun as well. Dress up your baby and play with them. Except this, the most important thing is help your babies cure the disease! Make your little prince and princess smile and let them grown up happily!
With the help of this educational game you can be a doctor and babies’ fashion designer. You can make them healthy again and put a smile back on their faces. Kids are counting on you!

Within this game, you can do the following:
Appoint your baby to the bed to brush and clean his body
Diagnose and vaccinate baby to heal them from wounds.
Use the thermometer, cold medicine and warm water to cure your baby girl’s fever.
Take care of the little baby with milk and toys.
Dress up the babies and mommy to enjoy a happy Sunday.

Game features:
1.Satisfied different baby’s demand.
2.Feeding-Feed the little baby with milk and wipe his mouth.
3.Clothing-Dress up the babies as you like!
4.Doctor-check out baby’s body and cure the disease.
5.Unique experience of mommy caring babies.
6.Beautiful high quality HD graphics, wonderful music.

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We believe that a joyful gaming experience benefits kids in pursuing their unlimited creativity, and that games with an optimistic message truly prepare children for gaining social and community awareness along with a sense of responsibility in family life. Therefore, we aim to design games that allow adults and children to play together as friends, and as a loving family. It is our commitment to deliver games that can be enjoyed and valued by both you and your family. We are a perfect team like Tabtale who has developed many interesting games.
We don’t only produce games. We create memorable moments for you and your children to remember. Because true happiness can only be found in a happy, loving family. Candyoyo, the sweet worth sharing.

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